the heavy heart// impractical desires

Today I’ll be starting a series of blog posts that I will call “the heavy heart”. Through this series I plan to empty my most “heavy” or “deep” thoughts out into writing and share them with you. I’m calling it “the heavy heart” because that’s what it feels like, when I have a deep or heavy thought it becomes a burden and a weight to my heart. As a teenager my mind tends to wander a lot and I’m hoping this series will be a positive thing for my mind and soul.

Today I’m going to write about impractical desires, this post isn’t going to be anything too heavy or mind bending don’t worry. Lately I’ve found myself wanting or “desiring” to do so many things.  Things from starting my own organic chicken farm to taking a road trip to San Francisco. Weird, huh? Obviously those things are impractical, I’m young, I’m still learning algebra. I was talking to my mom yesterday about following dreams and how stupid it is. She was shocked to hear that come from my mouth and replied with “you would be very stupid not to follow your dreams”. The thing about most desires is that most of the time they’re impractical so we tend to call them “dreams” and assume they will never happen.  We have to step away from that mindset, the only limits in life are the ones which we set for ourselves. Nothing is impractical. 

That’s what’s in my cup of tea 


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