the small things

With Christmas and Thanksgiving around the corner people begin to soften up, they begin to realize the small things they’re thankful for. Today was one of those soft days for me, I began to really notice the small things that bring me so much joy. So I typed up a list of “my small things”

1| waking up before the alarm

More often than not I will wake up to the sound of my alarm, which isn’t the most fun thing, as many of you know, but once in a while I will wake up before the alarm. Usually when I wake up before the alarm Im not tired and I end up being in an over all greater mood all day.

2| Rainy Days

Rainy days aren’t too common where I live, so when they do come along I take in every second of it.

3| Getting new music

I absolutely love getting new music, change is always nice,and whenever I do download a new song/album I have it on repeat all day.

4| Good face days

I don’t know about you but some days my face just looks better than others (silly I know)!

5| Baths

Baths are my favorite thing, so relaxing and calming. Im very thankful to be able to have a nice hot bath as frequently as I do.

Remember to notice the little things. That’s what’s in my cup of tea.


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